Repair "EFI stub: ERROR: failed to read file"

On Friday, I opened my Arch Linux as usual. But it game me an error message:

Here is my prosedure to repair the error:

  1. Attach USB disk with archiso (With zfs support intergrated) and boot archlinux.
  2. Import zpool and mount to /mnt – Success. Check zfs status: OK. No problem with ZFS.
  3. Mount other partitions to /mnt – Seems OK, no error reported.
  4. Look at /mnt/boot – Nothing special. systemd-boot config file exsits and looks fine.
  5. chroot into /mnt and try to rebuild initrd – Failed, read-only filesystem.

  6. umount /mnt/boot and run fsck – Multiple errors detected and fixed.

  7. Re-mount boot partition and re-generate initrd – Success.
  8. Reboot – Successful boot into Arch Linux as usual. Problem fixed.

It took about 15 miniutes to fix (Fortuately I have the Recovery USB disk with me).



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