Think! 0.My story with ThinkPad

My new ThinkPad P51 is going to arrive in a few days. In the silent midnight, sitting in front of my old ThinkPad T410i and looking at its shiney and weared keyboard, I decide to wirte down my story with ThinkPad.

First glance

When I was young, I could only use some assembly computers. The only laptop in my home is a FOUNDER (Equiped with Pemtium 4 and 1GB RAM). It was bulcky and hot, so it was usually used as a desktop machine. All I can remind about it is that I used to play some flash games and do some downloads on it.

After a few years, I discovered my father changed his working laptop to a ThinkPad T410i. He should had use several other-brand laptops before the ThinkPad, but they didn’t give me a big impression. The ThinkPad, however, surprised me for its great texture (glass-fiber surface and stable case) and high performace(At that time). We could even play some games on it. At that moment,my father and I loved World of Tanks and the T410i allowed us to play this game in lowest graphical quality. However, since it was my father’s productive laptop, I was not allowed to use it.


I spent the long days in high shool with my desktop. When I was graduated, my father purchased a mew ThinkPad (Although he says in some areas it is even worse than the old one). So the old one become mine.

I didn’t have a deeper understanding of laptops at that time. What I thought was my ThinkPad was much heavier and ugly (Don’t laugh) compared to the brand new MacBooks owned by my classmates. So I just installed a new system and use it with many complains.

I ran into Linux and tried Arch Linux on my laptop when I went to senior high school. When looking at ArchWiki, I discovered many hidden features of ThinkPad(Active Protection System, UltraBay, etc.), which made me a great impression. Also, when I tried several other laptops, I found that the keyboard was so nice.

So, I bought some accessories such as UltraBay HDD slot and a Samsung 750 EVO SSD(It’s enough for the SATA II laptop) and a Broadcom wireless card which supports Hacintosh. They, especially the SSD, made the machine work smoothly again. And I install OS X 10.11 on it with some effort(Thanks to Lenovo who disabled the Intel graphical card so that I can make the NVIDIA card work smoothly on OS X with Clover). After all these works, I even began to feel proud of it. Also, its performance is enough for most simple jobs since I had a powerful desktop at home.


At last, the ThinkPad which is producted in 2011 and has been used for 6 years. I decided to change it for it is too old to run some new stuff.

The factory configuration of my T410i is as follow:

  • i3-380M(2.53GHz)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 320GB 7200rpm HD
  • 14.1in 1280×800 LCD
  • 512MB nVIDIA Quadro NVS 3100M
  • CDRW/DVDRW, Intel 802.11bgn, WWAN option, Bluetooth, Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav
    Since CPU perfomance doesn’t have a evolutional imporvement these years, the Core i3 can still undertake some light works (Although it eats up much power). Also, memories and SSD have been upgraded, so it can still be used to edit some documents and browse the web.

The old T410i impressed me for its great keyboard and perfect texture, so I decided to buy another ThinkPad.

At first I chose T470p, but for some reasons it doesn’t have a Thunderbolt3 / Type-C port, drop.

Then I found T470s, but its performance cannot satisfy me.

At last I chose P51 Mobile Workstation. I didn’t want to buy a workstation at first since they are too heavy. But I find out that I will not have to carry it around these days. Also, it is equiped with some classicial designs which is of my favor, so I decided to buy it at last.

So, let’s wait~



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