Google Service No, microG Yes

Google Service has been an essential part of our phone, but it is not a open source software. So the microG project borns, aiming to give a totally free version of the service. This passage is a guide about how to make microG fully work on your device based on my experience.

Generate patched Android framework

Since there’s no any xposed avaliable for Nougat, I cannot use a xposed module to apply signature patch. So I manually use the tool from ale5000 to do the patch.

In order to do this, one need an Android phone(of course…), ADB and a computer with Python 3.

Connect your phone to computer, enable adb, and type the following command in terminal.

It may ask if you want to use the file in the input or automatically get the file via adb. I chose ADB for convience.

Then the program will automatically patch the framework and will copy the patched framework.jar back to /system/framework. But I would rather to create a Magisk module, so just don’t allow the superuser request on the phone!

Create a Magisk module with patched framework

Now we’ve got a patched framework file. Since I don’t want to change the system partition, a Magisk module is needed.

Creating a Magisk module is quite simple. One can just follow the instructions from the template README. But if you don’t want to do further research on it, just use my modified module template and replace /path/to/template/system/framework/framework.jar with your own one.

Then, compress the template folder and flash it in with Recovery or via the Magisk Manager APP.

Help! I got a bootloop!

First, be sure the framework.jar you use in the module is patched from YOUR ROM!
And second, if you are sure your module is made properly, the jar can be corrupt. Since you can always uninstall a module by deleting the folder in /data/magisk.img, just try to recover the original jar and try to do all of this again.

Install microG

The NanoMod Project has already provide a good Magisk module containing all microG apps. Just download and install via Magisk Manager or Recovery.

Get official Play Store

Since the open-source replacement of Play Store is temporarily really ugly and inconvenient, I still decided to use an official Play Store(though it doesn’t open source!).

It is also easy to achieve this. Just put the Play Store apk GetLink into the /system/priv-app(Rename it into and have a reboot. Then you should be able to use the play store.






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