[Enjoy OnePlus 3T] 1. Unlock & Recovery

Recently I got a new OnePlus 3T (128GB Version). I have to say it is a fantastic phone, but the default ROM is just not my tea. Fortunatly OnePlus opened the whole device tree and make the phone rich in thrid-party systems. To enjoy these systems, we need to unlock the phone and flash in Recovery first.

Note: this post are depending on a Linux computer. If you are using a Mac or a Windows PC, maybe you can search on Google. :)

WARNING: This process will delete all your data(including Internal Storage and /data partition, be careful!)

1.Unlock the device.

To unlock the phone, follow the following steps.

  1. Enable OEM Unlocking. (In Setting – Developer options, which can be opened by quickly tapping the Build Number in Setting – About Phone)
  2. Enable Advanced reboot. (Also in Setting – Developer options )
  3. Reboot your phone to fastboot mode.
  4. Connect phone to the computer, install fastboot tools and adb tools. (Use your own package manager)
  5. Open Terminal, run:

    And press YES on your phone.
  6. Done!

2.Install TWRP Recovery

Warning: On my phone, TWRP could not decrypt the data partition, so I have to format it, which cause a terrible data loss. :( So when you do this, PLEASE have your data backuped!
  1. Reboot to fastboot.
  2. Open Terminal, run: (You can get the recovery image on TWRP Offical Website

    Now you should see the TWRP Recovery Screen.
  3. TWRP will ask for a password to decrypt the data, but on my phone that never works. So select Earse and format the data partition, then the phone should be able to read the Internal Storage.
  4. Reboot the device and you will get a CLEAN system, done! :)




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